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The best rock guitar instrumental songs Story, G1!

G1 – Delusions of Grandeur was the best rock guitar instrumental songs project that I did. I wanted to try a solo guitar album, where I wrote, performed, recorded, and mastered the  rock albums from my lounge at home using only my guitar, effects, and a PC. It was such an awesome project, that I made another album, and followed up with a live indoor gig, G1 – Live from the Lounge in Randburg.

These Solo guitar albums take you on the best rock guitar instrumental songs trip through various rock, blues, and old styles which are comforting in familiarity. This is the G1 experience.

I have always played with and recorded with my Brother, Bruce Fleming, but you will have to wait until the next Album that he and I make together to hear how awesome we sound together. G1 is just half as good!

I also played with many other awesome musos over the last 30 years and with many thanks, love, and respect to all of them; Duane Cronje (The Original Oracle), Linda San Martino (Undercurrent and Oasis), Sean Van Der Walt (Tribe), Jeunesse Wengenroth (The Oracle), Leigh Ingram (Tribe), Vera Williams (Tribe), Phillip Delport (on Highway 45) Doug, Terry and Brian (Undercurrent) and many more fantastic and colorful people I jammed with along the way including Julian Laxton. Also a very special thanks to Eddie and Chanty (Unicorn Recording Studio) for 100’s of memorable times and all night karaoke sessions, and the SABC for use of their Top Recording Studio’s in the maze from hell, and all my neighbors and the many groupies and fans!

I have entertained on the Durban Pavilion Beachfront, Tanz Cafe, on a Cruise Ship, Casinos, School Fashion Show, in Pubs, Clubs, Dives, Diners, Restaurants, Parking Lots, Street’s of LaRochelle, Shelley Beach, Church Connect Groups, Parties, Private Freaky Parties (Gryn), Some small town nobody will know or let us back into, Weddings, Singles Clubs, Moth Halls, Country Clubs, Sports Stadiums, and The Lounge in Randbuirg (which us next to my kitchen – lol). 

Thank you guys, and Ladies! G1 is a tribute to you!

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G1 – Delusions of Grandeur | Forbidding Loki

In this song, I took in the challenge of using the Locrian Mode throughout the song. Locrian is supposedly the “impossible, dare not,  most rare” of the modes. … I submit the following as a challenge accepted and completed…

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G1 – Delusions of Grandeur | Live from the Lounge

This would be the audio recording from my “live” tour… @ the Lounge in Randburg. : ) You will get the humor shorly… : )

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G1 – Delusions of Grandeur | Sat’bee

Ahh, my pride and joy. I found the original green screen footage on YouTube from the Movie “Sin City”, and added my own animation and video to the background, as well perform, write and record the soundtrack… Jessica Alba, you rock!
Warning, this one is a little “steamy”… : )

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